The Poet and the Poop

I found this poem online and had to share it. It was written by poet Richard Macwilliam, who was kind enough to give us his permission to use it. I don't think I've ever read a poem that better expresses your neighbor’s, friend’s and family’s feelings about pet waste removal—or more specifically, the lack there of. I mean, if you sit down and write … [Continue reading]

Dog Food: A Pet Service Perspective

Dog Food Delivery Service

Besides pet waste removal, one of the services that Doggie Scoops provides Metro Detroit pet owners is dog food delivery. Though that in itself is not necessarily an actual service to your pet, unless the dog food we deliver is high quality and … [Continue reading]

Common Causes of Pet Waste Problems

Is my dog’s poop normal? As the best pet waste removal company in Metro Detroit, we are asked this question often. It is a question that brings about a much larger, more philosophical question: What do we mean when we speak of … [Continue reading]