Kids Playing with Dog in Yard

The problem is, a yard filled with pet waste is not just a smelly mess, it’s dangerous. To you and your pet. Pet waste harbors diseases which can make you, your family and your pet sick. We want everyone to enjoy owning a dog as much as we do, and suffer none of the consequences from not taking care of them the way you should.

Here’s The Scoop

#5: You Love Your Dog

You ever notice how your dog usually finds a favorite spot or two to do his “duty”? That’s because even he doesn’t really like to be around it! If there are piles of his poop all over your yard, chances are he’s not any happier about it then you are. It’s just he doesn’t have the thumbs to work a pooper scooper.

#4: You Love Your Kids

The days when kids loved to grab the rusty shovel out of the spider-filled shed and comb the yard searching for baked-in dog poop are over. What? There never were such days? Oh, that’s right—kids have always hated cleaning up after their beloved pet. So, why don’t you give ‘em a break, hire someone to do it, so your kids can get back to what kids really love doing: running around outside with their dogs!

#3 You Like Your Neighbors

While you don’t love your neighbors as much as your kids (and far less than your dog), you still like them. And they like you. So why don’t they come over more often? Maybe a barbeque? Maybe it’s because your yard is littered with dog poop, so instead of smelling your honey-basted spare ribs, all they smell is kibble-infused piles of pet waste. I’m just sayin’—maybe.

#2 You Like to Have Fun

You’re a fun person. You should be sipping mai tais at the tiki bar, not in your backyard playing “find the pile of poop”. Look at you, slaving away. Picking up pet waste, grey day after grey day. What happened to you? It doesn’t have to be like this. Put down the dustpan, and rack the rake. You’re going out tonight mister! Leave the poop to the pros.

#1 It Saves You Time

Let’s face it—you’re busy. You work hard and deserve to relax when you get home. Cleaning up pet waste in your yard is not relaxing—it’s more work. You don’t need that. You need time. Time to do the things you actually like to do. Time with your family. Time with your friends. Time for yourself.

You deserve it.

The Time is Now

So, instead of putting plastic baggies on your hands and picking up poop today, turn a grey day into a great day. Call Doggie Scoops. And cross “clean up the yard” from your to-do list. Forever.