I found this poem online and had to share it. It was written by poet Richard Macwilliam, who was kind enough to give us his permission to use it. I don’t think I’ve ever read a poem that better expresses your neighbor’s, friend’s and family’s feelings about pet waste removal—or more specifically, the lack there of. I mean, if you sit down and write a poem about dog poop? It’s serious.

Here’s the Scoop


I Met a Little Dog on the Bottom of My Shoe

I met a little dog
On the bottom of my shoe –
Hello little doggy,
How do you do your do?

I’m sure you can explain
This colour by your diet:
But is it also on your tin
When your owner goes to buy it ?

Why are your turds so squishy
When I bring them home inside:
What is it in your dishy –
And was it well before it died ?

All these little calling cards,
Scattered on the ground –
Has no one ever told you
Not to leave them lying around ?

If only your poor owner
Had the brain power of a flea,
They wouldn’t leave these messes
Lying here for me.


Moral of the Story:

Nobody likes stepping in dog poop. Not even poets. Clean up after your dog, or better yet— hire someone who will.

The original version of the poem can be seen on Macwilliam’s website – link