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The Poet and the Poop

I found this poem online and had to share it. It was written by poet Richard Macwilliam, who was kind enough to give us his permission to use it. I don’t think I’ve ever read a poem that better expresses your neighbor’s, friend’s and family’s feelings about pet waste removal—or more specifically, the lack there […]

His Business is Picking Up: The Timmy Myers Story

Today’s blog post—as we hope each post does—provides answers. This week those answers focus on a young boy whose dreams and aspirations spawned the best pet service company in Metro Detroit: Doggie Scoops. Ladies and gentlemen, a little information about the man for whom it began, my son—Tim Myers Jr.

Top Reasons to Hire a Pet Waste Removal Company

Instead of putting plastic baggies on your hands and picking up poop today, turn a grey day into a great day. Call Doggie Scoops. And cross “clean up the yard” from your to-do list. Forever.