Today’s blog post—as we hope each post does—provides answers. This week those answers focus on a young boy whose dreams and aspirations spawned the best pet service company in Metro Detroit: Doggie Scoops. Ladies and gentlemen, a little information about the man for whom it began, my son—Tim Myers Jr.

Here’s The Scoop

The Beginning

Timmy MyersWe started Doggie Scoops in 1999. Timmy, always the entrepreneur, was in third grade and wanted a paper route. His mother and I, while happy with his drive, were not so excited for ours. Namely, the waking up at 4:30am, five days a week, type of drive our son’s paper route would require. Yet, we knew Timmy’s personality: he wanted to work. (Recently, we found one of Timmy’s old school papers from around that same time stating his goals for the future. Timmy’s goal? To be a successful business owner!) So, remembering an article his mother and I had read about a pet clean-up company in Maine, we suggested scooping poop. But only on Saturdays! That way he could have a job and we would retain our sleep.

Timmy agreed. We bought a truck, put our name on it, and Doggie Scoops started picking up poop.

(Well, at least I did. In the beginning, most jobs involved dad doing the scooping while Timmy played with the client’s dog.) Ironic, isn’t it? Doggie Scoops, which has grown to deliver top-notch pet services to over 200 clients, 7 days a week, all across the metro-Detroit area, for the past 14 years… was started so we wouldn’t be so busy.

So Then What Happened?

What happened was, it was a good idea. And we were good at it. Word spread quickly, and in 2004 the Detroit News ran a cover story about Timmy and I and our fledgling company in their Neighborhood News section. The article was accompanied by a large picture of my son Timmy, the sleeves of his winter coat pulled down and wrapped around his hard working hands. We also appeared on the television show “Texas Justice”, to deal with a non-paying client. We were awarded the Silver Award for service to older citizens from Senior Friendly Business. Timmy was by my side for all of it. I was proud of him then and my pride would only increase as he grew through some very tough times.

Playing the Cards You’re Dealt

Timmy was diagnosed with a learning disability and ADHD at a very young age. It never stopped him. In fact, it only made him work harder at being successful. Even with a job, Timmy maintained great grades. He played baseball through 12 years of school and football during his 4 years at Grosse Pointe North. He made the National Honors Society. But my son’s inner strength was never more apparent, nor more needed, than during the three year span in which he lost both of his grandmothers, a grandfather, and after his freshman year, his sister Tricia.

Through it all, Tim Jr. continued to work, continued to grow the business, continued to excel. In fact, today Tim is a business major attending The University of Michigan, Dearborn. Impressive at any rate. More impressive when you know that Tim does this despite still reading and writing on a third grade level. How does he do it? My son is tenacious. He has his books read to him then memorizes the text. He is a success because he has willed himself to be one. Because he seeks and finds more and more to become successful at. Because my son is unrelenting.

Helping Others Help Themselves

Tim is not satisfied with his own personal success. He also helps others reach their goals. Doggie Scoops is very involved in local charitable organizations and events. We started the Tricia Myers Foundation in memory of my daughter. Tim coordinates many fundraisers each year on behalf of the foundation. Each year we are proud to sponsor Challenge Day at Grosse Pointe North. The Tricia Myers Foundation is also a provider of scholarships to graduates who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. The scholarships help them follow their dreams, whatever they may be. We also partner with the Full Circle Foundation to provide jobs to those with special needs, many of whom have a hard time securing jobs on their own. The jobs provided are community service jobs, so that these people—having been judged their whole lives as unable to help even themselves—end up helping others.

More Than Words

Uplifting, inspiring, noble and extraordinary. These words can be used to describe each of the worthwhile endeavors Doggie Scoops lends a hand to. But I actually am using them here to describe my son. Though to me, he will always be “Timmy”: the little boy with the brush-cut hair, and his sleeves wrapped over his hands. The one from the picture in the paper, there can be no doubt— he has become a man, in every sense of the word.

As my son, he has always had my love. As a man, he has earned my admiration.


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