Is my dog’s poop normal?


As the best pet waste removal company in Metro Detroit, we are asked this question often. It is a question that brings about a much larger, more philosophical question: What do we mean when we speak of ‘normal’?

Deep, right? Well, fortunately for you and your pet, we here at Doggie Scoops are not philosophers. We provide pet services, not headaches. So let’s go ahead and actually answer the question.

Here’s The Scoop

You Are Not Alone

Occasionally, every dog will have abnormal stool. Believe me, we’ve been pooper scoopers in Metro Detroit for a long time and we’ve seen it all. Green poop in Grosse Pointe, red in Roseville. Hard in Harper Woods, soft in Center Line. The fact is there are a lot of variables that go into that little pile on your lawn. So while “normal” dog doo is small, firm and moist— sometimes it isn’t. So, what are the common causes of abnormal dog stool?

Scrap the Scraps

Simple logic states that what comes in must come out. And what comes out of your dog has mostly to do with what he’s been eating. For instance, your dog may love to eat table scraps, but some of those delectable scraps are cause for major doggy diarrhea—or worse. Some of the main offenders? Chocolate, onions, garlic, cooked bones and pizza.

Gotta Be Good

Your dog’s digestive system needs specific nutrients, and if it doesn’t get them it reacts accordingly. Make sure you are feeding your dog a diet rich in protein, with just enough carbohydrates, and the right kind of fats. A good quality dog food has all of these. Read the ingredients! Dog foods made with lots of fillers, unhealthy by-products and chemical preservatives will do more harm than good.

Puppies vs. Protozoan

Most common in puppies, the intestinal diseases Coccidiosis and Giardiasis are contracted by the ingestion of infected pet waste. Coccidia and Giardia are tiny, one-celled organisms— protozoa—that live in the intestines of many adult dogs. With age, most dogs develop a natural immunity to the effects of the bug, but they remain a carrier. Puppy eats mommy’s poop, and presto: loose, foul smelling pet waste. Both diseases can be successfully treated by prescription. The only way to prevent them is being extremely vigilant in your pet waste removal habits, or hiring someone who will be.

Talk to a Pro

If you have any questions concerning your dog’s waste, feel free to talk to us while we service your yard. But remember, no matter how good Doggie Scoops is at pet waste removal, we are not veterinarians. If you are really worried, save a sample of the stool in question and contact a vet. Most of the time, abnormal dog stool is caused by something simple and benign. But when it comes to our four-legged family members, it’s always better safe, than sorry.